Living life as if you were a sea dog

The FALTER news publication on living on the waterfront and the S+B projects

Waterfront living is booming and spurring developers to build ever taller residential towers.
The city wants to participate in this development with subsidised housing.

As a citizen of Vienna, you know that the Danube is only really blue in the waltzes dedicated to its beauty. But that does not diminish her popularity. This could have something to do with the fact that water makes people more relaxed and creative, and even healthier, as recent studies have shown. Peter Sapp, one of the three owners of the architecture firm querkraft, has his own explanation for why living by the river is so popular: "A river is a connecting system between source and estuary that is permanently in motion. Therefore, living on a river like the Danube means being connected to the sea, and ultimately to the world. So when we build along a river, we orient the buildings towards it. Every opening in the building is thus a window to the world," he says of the municipal building designed by his office that is currently being built at Handelskai 214.

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Article on the news publication FALTER 15/21 from 14.04.2021