S+B Family

The basis for the success
of our company is
a strong S+B family.

Flat hierarchies, passionate commitment and,
above all, the passion of our long-standing employees
form the foundation for our success.

Management Vienna

  • Reinhold Schmidt

    Reinhold Schmidt

    Managing Director S+B Plan & Bau GmbH and S+B Wohnbau GmbH

  • Matthias Reiterer

    Matthias Reiterer

    Project management

  • Ernst Piribauer

    Ernst Piribauer

    Project management

  • Gernot Piribauer

    Gernot Piribauer

    Project management

  • Sabrina Kastler

    Sabrina Kastler

    Project management

  • Werner Sperl

    Werner Sperl

    Project management

  • Matthias Stanek

    Matthias Stanek

    Project management

  • Robert Schaar

    Robert Schaar

    Planning coordination

  • Arnd Reinecke

    Arnd Reinecke

    Project management

  • Andreas Keck

    Andreas Keck

    Project management

  • Robert Wagner

    Robert Wagner

    Project management

Project Management Team

Accounting Team

Our Reliable Contractors

Management CEE

Controlling CEE

Team Prague

  • Vlastimil Brož

    Vlastimil Brož


  • Roman Červ

    Roman Červ

    Project Manager, Technology CEE

  • Vendula Dudakova

    Vendula Dudakova

    Leasing & Marketing

  • Kateřina Kortusová

    Kateřina Kortusová


  • Blanka Motlová

    Blanka Motlová

    Project administrator

  • Vladimíra Panáková

    Vladimíra Panáková

    Project Manager, Technology CEE

  • Mariana Pittnerová

    Mariana Pittnerová

    Finance & Controlling

  • Hana Šantrochová

    Hana Šantrochová

    Technical management

  • Ingrid Šarochová

    Ingrid Šarochová

    Finance & Controlling

  • Hanka Scholzová

    Hanka Scholzová

    Head of Leasing and marketing

  • Radek Šíp

    Radek Šíp

    Facility Management

  • Denis Smižanský

    Denis Smižanský

    Project Manager, Technology CEE

  • Zdeněk Švanda

    Zdeněk Švanda


  • Lucie Svobodová

    Lucie Svobodová

    Project Development Assistant

  • Svatopluk Těšina

    Svatopluk Těšina

    Technical supervisor

  • Jana Vlčková

    Jana Vlčková

    Personnel and financial management

  • Markus Weber

    Markus Weber

    Technical management

Team Warsaw

Team Bucharest

With heart and soul! 

Get to know our entire team!

The foundation of our company's success is the S+B family, a team of competent employees with many years of service.
The basis for our actions is a level hierarchy, passionate commitment and, above all, a great deal of heart and soul.