35 Years of S+B Gruppe

Prospects for the future, milestones of the company
and a historical journey through our history.


State of Affairs

  • Locations
    S+B Gruppe has consolidated its presence in Vienna, Prague, Bucharest and Warsaw and remains active in these locations. New markets are constantly monitored and assessed, but no additional site closures are planned in the short term.
  • Main Focus
    Office – developing offices that adapt to changing requirements and offer flexible solutions to new ways of working.

    Housing – developing liveable housing remains in focus, especially in Vienna.

    Technology-driven projects – we will continue to expand our role as a pioneer in this sector.
  • Shareholder Structure
    A going public is not envisaged.

Current Status

  • Company structure
    Today, the S+B Group is a public limited company
    with around 65 subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries.
  • Employees
    The S+B Group currently employs around 130 people at its four locations. 
    The number of employees remains stable, as there has been barely any fluctuation since the foundation.
  • Project volume of the S+B Gruppe
    Approximately EUR 3.4 billion realised to date, 
    with approximately EUR 2.9 billion currently under development.



Trend in recent years

  • Projects are getting bigger
    With high-rise projects in the D-City and the Widok Towers in Warsaw, the S+B Gruppe has established itself as a "big player" in the top class of project development.
  • Investors buy earlier
    The successes of the S+B Gruppe have an attractive knock-on effect, and so an increasing number of investors are deciding to get involved in the early project development phases.


  • New authorised signatories
    Johannes Bauer and Oliver Zaininger, both long-time employees of the S+B Gruppe, are appointed authorised signatories.


  • New Executive Board and Supervisory Board
    Wolfgang Eder and Edmund Völker are appointed to the Executive Board in addition to Franz Paul Bauer and Wolfdieter Jarisch.

    The Supervisory Board is now represented by Alfred Michael Beck as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Reinhard Schertler as Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Michael Grahammer and Christof Papousek.


  • Changes in the shareholder structure
    Increase in the shares of minority shareholders.
    You can find an overview of our shareholders here.


  • Passing of Günter Schertler
  • Changes in the shareholder structure
    Second management buy-out


  • First LEED Platinum certification
    With the GreenWorx, the S+B Gruppe has achieved a special milestone. The highest certification for sustainable buildings – LEED Platinum – has been achieved. 
    In the following years, five more projects will be awarded LEED Platinum and 2 LEED Gold.



  • Conversion
    The parent company becomes a public limited company, today's S+B Gruppe AG.
  • Changes in the shareholder structure
  • First management buy-out
  • Growth of the company structure
    40 to 50 subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries during this period
  • Employees
    More than 100 people are already employed at the four locations of the S+B Gruppe!


  • New branch
    The S+B Gruppe opens in Warsaw.
  • 2006-2010: first office project in Warsaw and first LEED
    With the Zebra Tower project, the S+B Gruppe succeeds in a highly successful first project in Warsaw.
    The office tower achieved the first LEED Gold certification in the company's history.


  • New addition to the S+B family
    Wolfgang Eder, now a member of the Executive Board, advises the S+B Gruppe on tax matters.


  • Project volume of the S+B Gruppe
    By that time € 2.3 bn.
  • New branch
    The S+B Gruppe opens in Bucharest.
  • 2005-2009: first office project in Bucharest
    Just opened and immediately got to work on the project in Jean Texier Av. 3, 1st district, Bucharest


  • Changes in the shareholder structure
    Günter Schertler and Alfred Michael Beck hold all shares in the company.
  • Project volume of the S+B Gruppe
    By that time EUR 1 billion.


  • S+B family addition
    Edmund Völker, now a member of the Executive Board, starts at the Prague location and later takes over as Head of Financing and Controlling for the S+B Gruppe.
    Christian Böhm, later a member of the Supervisory Board for several years, shareholder and current Secretary General, joins the company.



  • S+B family addition
    Wolfdieter Jarisch, appointed to the Executive Board in 2008, becomes a member of the S+B family and takes over the management function in Vienna.


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  • Housing in Berlin
    Five housing projects were realised in the German capital between 1991 and 1996.


  • Focus on residential and office in Vienna
    In the early 1990s, several residential buildings, as well as a host of successful office projects, were built in Vienna, including 20., Dresdner Strasse 38-44, 2., Aspernbrückengasse 2.
  • First project in CEE
    The Pruhonice Sports Hotel with spacious sports facilities represents the beginning of our success story in Prague.
    S+B is also active in Budapest at this time and realises the Generali headquarters there.


  • First project in Vienna
    The first project is completed in 1989 in Wien 3, Rennweg 46-50.


  • New branch
    The S+B Gruppe opens in Prague.
  • Employees
    The S+B Gruppe already employs 40 people, many of whom are still an integral part of the S+B family today!


  • Company foundation
    In Vienna's 1030 post code area, in the Palais des Beaux Arts and at the current company headquarters, the company is founded (at that time under the name Plan&Bau). The successful history of the S+B Gruppe begins with 15 employees.

    Franz Paul Bauer, appointed to the Executive Board in 2008, is already at the heart of the action, and not just a bystander. Under his leadership, the locations in Berlin, Munich, Prague, Bucharest and Warsaw are established.
  • First projects in development
    The first properties are immediately purchased at the home base in Vienna.



  • First partnership
    The Vorarlberg construction company I+R Schertler and the Viennese architectural firm Marschalek - Ladstätter - Beck are developing a first joint building project under the direction of Alfred Michael Beck and Günter Schertler.
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