The S+B-Philosophy
how we work


Our success results from: Inventiveness and creativity, looking at the big picture and constantly looking to the future, discovering sources of hidden potential and solving complex situations, recognising needs and acting prudently, as well as deepening long-standing forms of cooperation and partnership.

Project developer


We are anything but traditional – we are bold, we are alive and we are here to rethink the idea of urban living.

Our interdisciplinary team of visionaries in planning, construction management, marketing and commercial support is passionate about creating innovative, sustainable places that people are proud of, that offer a home as well as space for new things.

Not least through the creative exchange of our four locations – Vienna, Prague, Bucharest and Warsaw – we can always use country-specific characteristics to our advantage. By combining our international expertise with that of our respective local heroes, we succeed in continuously perfecting our project developments.


Creating Real Success

We place great trust in our visions. Accordingly, the S+B Group is known for its exceptionally high equity ratio.

In this way, we signal to our business partners how much heart and soul we put into our projects and how much trust we place in the desired result. In addition, as an investor, we can act sustainably in a targeted manner and thus make a contribution to the environment and tomorrow's generations – through structural adjustments and technological innovations.

Our investments are first class. We realise the full potential of each asset: respecting the character of the neighbourhood, focusing on innovation in design, sustainability, development and promoting an attractive service culture.

General Contractor

We set new Standards

As a general contractor, we are active for investors from the identification of potential real estate gems and the development of the initial idea, to the realisation of the construction project, marketing and letting.

In an ongoing process of coordination with the respective clients, tailor-made projects are created that are always optimised with exceptionally creative concepts and sustainable objectives. In this way, the S+B Group succeeds in continually scoring highly with new technologies and innovations, and in always being one step ahead, including in its capacity as investor. On the one hand, this is reflected in the numerous awards our projects have received, and, on the other hand, we are proud to say that most of our properties are fully let to renowned companies even before completion.

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Award-winning performance!

First and foremost, we see awards as an incentive for even greater quality, because a healthy dose of competition motivates us to stay on the ball and always be one step ahead.

Our awards