Widok Towers pandemic security

Stay Safe and Connected

New information brochure on security measures in the Warsaw project  Widok Towers.

The COVID 19 pandemic has made us all think more about and reshape our routines to stay safe and healthy. Over the past year, we have developed long-term adaptive and intelligent systems for our Warsaw project Widok Towers to optimise the well-being and health of visitors. This includes measures such as the installation of additional non-contact surfaces in e.g. lifts and entrances, ventilation systems with outside air and 2-stage filtration, as well as high-frequency cleaning protocols for all equipment in the building.

Our precautions against the spread of viruses and information on recommended interactions can be found in our new information brochure "Stay Safe and Connected".

You can find the brochure here:
„Stay Safe and Connected „ as PDF download

You can find out more about the project here: