BIM Certificate Level A achieved

BIM Certificate Level A

S+B employees obtain proof of competence for its comprehensive understanding of openBIM

The digital age is changing our working lives permanently. New software solutions and technical developments, especially in the field of communication and data technology, are opening up ever better ways to optimise workflows on a global scale. This makes it important to stay on the ball and pursue a course of continous education. For this reason, we are pleased to have our S+B employees trained and certified in openBIM® according to a recognised global learning framework of the Professional Certification – Foundation of buildingSMART Austria.

openBIM® enhances the positive aspects of BIM (Building Information Modelling) by improving the transparency, usability, management and sustainability of digital data in the construction industry.

In essence, openBIM® is a collaborative process that supports seamless collaboration and coordination among all project contributors, significantly improving performance. By adhering to international standards and workflows, openBIM® increases the reach and depth of BIM use by creating standards through common alignment and language.

Our S+B team is convinced of the possibilities to be enjoyed with the openBIM® method.