Alfred Michael Beck

Alfred Michael Beck

Founding shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The focus of our activities in recent years has been on Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. For example, in Warsaw a high-rise project in a prominent location has been granted planning permission and the construction project is in the completion phase. We are also active in Romania, where new projects have already been purchased in Bucharest and their development is already taking shape.

In our CEE locations, we rank highly with strong local employees in combination with our internationally experienced core team from our Group headquarters. This allows us to always use country-specific characteristics to our advantage. 
We are proud to say that all of our completed properties are let to renowned companies and either sold to financially strong investors or held in our own portfolio. All of this underlines our reputation as a successful project developer with great competitive capacity in the Central European market.

In Vienna, our team succeeded in taking control of all developments still possible on the former Danube plateau. Partly as a developer, with or without partners, or even as a service provider for end investors, we shape and reshape an entire district! Prominent projects under construction include Danube Flats, the DC Tower 3 student residence and DC Residential, where all flats have already been reserved shortly after the start of construction. The DC Innovation Campus, DC Education Campus and DC Musicflats projects, which are currently in the planning phase, will set new standards.

In addition, acquisitions are being (and have been) made in other parts of the city, which are in various stages of development. In Laxenburgerstrasse, we were able to obtain planning permission for a project near the main railway station in a complicated procedure, which subsequently led to a further utilisation of 70% of the available space. Projects in St. Marx, Wienerberg and Dresdnerstrasse are in various stages of development and complement our portfolio.