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Ave Caesar!

We have the pleasure to inform you that our CEO Mr. Wolfdieter Jarisch was honoured with the „Cäsar“ within the category “Developer”, a coveted prize within the Austrian real estate industry. He was elected out of 3 finalists by a 24 head jury in a secret ballot. The presentation and the award ceremony took place in the Schönbrunn Palace Theatre, with the attendance of many industry colleagues. How do you feel accepting such a prize? „ It is comparable with mountain climbing. You need long experience, the best team and luck. Than you can reach the top. That´s why the whole S+B Team was...Read more

New future for the Panorama Hotel*****! The S+B Gruppe AG has just bought the Panorama Hotel of Corintha and has big plans for the redesign.

The S+B GROUP AG is the new proud owner of the perfectly located Panorama Hotel, in the heart of Prague's CBD (Central Business District), one of the city's most important business destinations with optimal transport connections, perfect infrastructure and excellent visibility.With 441 rooms, a conference area, shops, a restaurant, fitness and spa, 300 parking spaces in a separate building and a large outdoor bus park, the Panorama Hotel in Prague 4 is the ideal place for both, business and relaxation. The excellent location - the property is situated directly next to the famous shopping...Read more

Summer break? Not with the S+B Group! Acquisition of the real estate jewel Senatorska in Warsaw

S+B GRUPPE AG has acquired the property Senatorska 18, 18A situated in a prime location in the heart of Warsaw's city and financial centre from Commerz Real Investmentgesellschaft. Directly opposite the Warsaw National Theatre Senatorska offers one of the most renowned office addresses of the city with a rentable area of approx. 17,000 m² and approx. 170 parking spaces and its historic-looking facade. According to Franz Paul Bauer, shareholder and member of the board of S+B Gruppe AG, Senatorska represents a unique opportunity to bring new shine to such an outstanding real estate...Read more

[Translate to English:] TRIMARAN PRAHA - Konferenzzentrum CUBEX CENTRUM PRAGUE wurde eröffnet!

Since May 2018 S+B welcomes its tenants in the brand new Trimaran Praha building. Now Cubex Centrum Prague opened its doors for the first time - see also www.cubexcentrum.cz. The project was launched in June 2015 and has successfully developed into one of the most modern congress centres in the world. We are very happy about this successful development which is a great addition for our office tenants in our  Trimaran Praha and allows the surroundings in Pankrac to continue to flourish. Read more

[Translate to English:] Platz 1: S+B zur bekanntesten Projektentwickler-Marke in Österreich gekürt! (copy 1)

[Translate to English:] Europas größte Marken-Wert-Studie des EUREB Institute evaluiert jährlich 1.200 Immobilienmarken in 26 Teilbranchen und Assetklassen. Heuer wurde in der Kategorie „Projektentwickler Österreich“ die S+B Gruppe AG zur wertvollsten Marke gekürt. Ein Erfolg, der für die Entwicklung der gesamten Unternehmensgruppe steht.  Die S+B Gruppe AG hat erstmalig den ersten Platz als stärkste Projektentwickler-Marke vor den Branchenkollegen 6B47, IC Development, SIGNA und Strauss & Partner – nach der Zweitplatzierung im Vorjahr, für sich beansprucht. Nicht nur das...Read more