S+B Gruppe

Executive board / Shareholders

FRANZ PAUL BAUER, shareholder and CEO


As the old proverb says, you should judge the quality of a tree by its fruits. This maxim can quite fittingly be applied to the S+B Group, which once sprang from the powerful roots of the Vorarlberg construction firm I+R Schertler and the Viennese architectural firm of Marschalek, Ladstätter and Beck. With the Beck and Schertler families forming the solid trunk, capable employees of long-standing the vigorous main branches and many young colleagues the twigs, top-quality construction projects have now been the fruit of this Group for decades.


Highly innovative and creative ideas, stable procedural structures, rigorous accounting control and reliable follow-up service lead to end-products/fruits which are highly valued by the respective end-users.
And, staying with the fruit tree comparison, we can see that, just like the tree in nature, the S+B Group, since its inception over 2 decades ago, is enjoying constant and healthy growth, enabling you to expect the very best fruits/projects/properties to continue to be produced in the future.


(Note: a pictorial illustration of this fruit tree comparison produced by employees on the occasion of a significant birthday of the company’s founders is exhibited in the entrance lobby of company headquarters in Vienna. Take a look at it when you next visit!).