S+B Gruppe

Company Profile

S+B Gruppe AG, a privately-owned property developer with offices in Vienna, Prague, Bucharest and Warsaw, has been realizing complex projects for over 30 years, acting as both an investor and general contractor. The team headed by Reinhard Schertler and Alfred Michael Beck specialises in architectural design, contracting, financial management and marketing for top-quality construction projects. A number of major developments are currently underway in Central and Eastern Europe. The combination of local on-site staff and international expertise is the key to S+B’s success. So far, the Group has invested over EUR 3 bn in developing real estate with a total of 1,000,000 sqm of usable space.


Thanks to recent management changes S+B Gruppe AG has an excellent team going forward: the Supervisory Board now consists of Alfred Michael Beck as chairman, Reinhard Schertler as deputy chairman, Christof Papousek and Michael Grahammer, while Franz Paul Bauer, Wolfgang Eder, Wolfdieter Jarisch and Edmund Völker make up the Executive Board. The company furthermore benefits from an international team, whose know-how and utmost commitment are essential for the success of S+B’s construction projects.


The company is looking to expand its development operations in Austria and abroad: Several office and hotel buildings in Vienna, Prague, Bucharest and Warsaw are already in the pipeline. Meanwhile a number of groundbreaking residential projects are taking shape in the Austrian capital. Thus the S+B Group is now an established player on the Central European real estate market.